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Player API 1.10.2/1.9/1.8.9

Player API can use If you a content creator for Minecraft, building mods for varied artistic concepts, to feature wealthy new content to the gloriously varied Minecraft modding community? Then you may comprehend the Player API, which provides the modders that a lot of required push to induce a number of the mods to figure generally. this offers you access to consumer, server, and bukkit categories and at the same time reduces incompatibility between mods. several very talked-about mods like sensible Moving and Aether Mod deem the PlayerAPI to perform that successively makes this lots like Minecraft Forge or Modloader in this regard.

Player API 1.10.2/1.9/1.8.9

Features of Player API

  • Gives you access to client, server, and bukkit classes for much more control over the mod you are creating.
  • Player entity class is accessible for custom movement and more

Player API is an API which provides access to

  • the client class “EntityPlayerSP” aka “cio” or
  • the server class “EntityPlayerMP” aka “qw” or
  • the bukkit class “EntityPlayer”

How to install Player API

make sure you download the right file:

  • Vanilla for mods on a vanilla (non Minecraft Forge) client/server.
  • Forge for mods on a Minecraft Forge client/server.
  • Bukkit for bukkit plugins.
  • MCPC+ for mods on a MCPC+ server.

read the “installation” section of your download’s readme files


This PlayerAPI server is compatible with Minecraft Forge server, just install PlayerAPI server after Minecraft Forge server.


Player API 1.9

Player API 1.10.2


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